Sound Booster 1.13.1 Crack + Product Key Full Version [Latest]

Sound Booster 1.13.1 Crack + License Key Download [2024]

What is Sound Booster Crack?

Sound Booster Crack is such an amazing software that is design to enhance the audio of your computer. The built in volume of your device is not enough then this amazing software play an outstanding role to make your audio experience best. This software boost the volume and make the audio clear. It comes with user friendly interface that make it to use by many of users easily. Anyone can use it even with less expertise.

The software is work with many devices and many applications. You can easily use it with media player, during game session and also on web browsers. This features ensures that the user enjoy the boost level of volume. The second most amazing feature is system wide boost that mean you can easily adjust volume according to your need. By this feature you can easily apply same audio level on different applications.

In addition, real time monitoring is another best part of it. By this users can easily check and balance the current sound level. This features helps to set audio about their needs. By using its start option you can easily check and balance any software on your computer. The software provides you safety too. By its boost volume it protect the system’s speaker from big loss or damage. Users can easily use equalize option to manage the volume.

Overall, the crack version provides you all the amazing feature in free. The software have a lot of amazing themes that make it more beautiful. It make itself regular update to make it performance best. Now anyone can easily enjoy the boost volume experience.

How Sound Booster Crack works?

Sound Booster Crack working is so easy and straight forward. For the best experience you need to download it. First the software check out the current level of your device volume that is insufficient for your needs. The Sound Booster works on amazing algorithms to adjust volume automatics. That allow it users to default set. By operating real time check and balance it ensure that the providing volume is sufficient.

The software have an option that allows users to customize its settings. You can easily use it wide boost feature that enhance the system volume. Users can easily integrate the software with many of application for boost their low volumes. By using it start up feature it allows users to configure all the software and launch it in their devices. Due to its boosting feature it provides safety to the speakers. It ensures that there is no damage occur in the device speakers.

Furthermore, it works so smoothly and efficiently to adjust and manage the volume settings. By using its crack version users can easily use all amazing features. You can easily adjust its theme settings accordingly to your needs. Also the software make you up to date with its all latest and amazing new features and their enhance version of working. You can easily download it on any version of windows for experiencing the best volume.

How the software best from others?

Sound Booster Crack is such an outstanding performance software that is so much efficient and best from others. By using it you can turn up your volume in boost mode. By using this just say bye bye to your built in volume that is too low. The software start scanning your PC and check out the requirements of your computer. It checks how much volume is needed to your computer.

If we talk about its features, it comes with too much wide range of amazing features. Users can easily customize settings of their software. The other most useful feature is that by default you can easily set one setting on all the applications. The themes colors of this software is so attractive like a wide range of theme design and colors.

In addition, if we talk about security of our physical system like speakers. This software ensures that no boost volume harm your speakers. It set volume according to the sensitivity of your speakers. Users can easily enjoy the boost volume environment. By using this software there is no volume problems are left. The people that are with less knowledge can easily use it because the design and interface of this software is so easy to use. Overall, the software is best from many others sound boosters softwares.

Sound Booster 1.13.1 Crack + Product Key Full Version [Latest]

Key Features:

  • By default setting it boost your system volume.
  • The design and interface comes in very simple way.
  • By real time monitoring it adjust volume time to time.
  • By setting volume on one application you can easily adjust on all application too.
  • Easily integrate many media player applications.
  • Equalization option allow to manage the fine tune volume.
  • Provide security of your hardware like speakers from harm.
  • Configure your software and adjust your system requirements.
  • Crack version offers all feature in free of cost.
  • Provides you regular update to enhance its performance.
  • According to your preferences you can easily set your settings.
  • Use minimal source of your device and provides best performance.
  • Available in many languages so anyone can easily use this software.
  • Provides you updation through notification.
  • Users can set it automatic updation by configure its settings.
  • Quickly adjust volume just by one click.
  • So efficient and fast to set volume.
  • Save their volume adjust settings and also create another one too.

What’s New?

  • Available in many languages so any one can use it.
  • Small bugs are fixed.
  • Introduce many new features and themes.
  • Increase the safety factor so there is no little damage to your system.
  • Software extension is also available that allow its users to set their volume more than 600%.

Sound Booster 1.13.1 Crack + Product Key Full Version [Latest]


  • So easy and simple design and interface.
  • Make your built in volume into boost volume.
  • Real time monitoring features enhance the volume time to time.
  • High boost volume ensures that there is no harm to your system speakers.
  • The crack version features are all free of cost.


  • Limited options for customization.
  • Don’t have an option of providing feedbacks.
  • Crack version may not have god working as compared to original one.
  • Quality of software may depend on your system speaker cards.
  • Sometimes may not set the volume according to your system requirements.

System Requirements:

  • Windows: All windows supported.
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard Disk: 20 MB
  • Processor: 1.7 GHz

How to install Sound Booster Crack?

  • Turn off all the antivirus software.
  • Make the internet connection stable.
  • Download and install the setup.
  • Extract the file and click on download.
  • Add the license keys and start enjoying crack version.

Sound Booster 1.13.1 Crack + Product Key Full Version [Latest]

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Sound Booster Crack is such an amazing software that is design to enhance the audio of built in volume feature in your computer. The software just boost the volume by default and also comes with easy to use interface. Users can easily integrate the software with many of application for boost their low volumes. The software provides the security of your computer speakers by adjust the volume according to device requirements. Overall, it have a wide range of free tools that make your volume experience good. Just install it an turn your low volume into wide boost feature.

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