Total Commander 11.10 Crack + License Key Free Download

 What is Total Commander Crack?Total Commander 11.10 Crack + License Key Free Download

Total Commander Crack is a computer program that helps you to manage all the files in your computer storage. It advanced features helps you to explore your files such as finding copy, move from one folder to another or many other relative tasks. It helps you to deal with large media in simple and easy way. You can easily manage any types of data on your devices without any worry.

The best one part is its interface. It provides you dual interface with its two side panels without showing any single window. This helps you to use or mange different folders at a same time. You can easy move one folder from one to another by using this two side panel that show you both folders at a same time. This makes your process speedily and safes time. 

In addition, the software comes with various and useful tools and shortcuts. It provides you a preview option by this you can easily see any file or folder without opening it. That also supports many archive folders for the purpose of compression and extraction. It searching capability is so fast and efficient.  It also boost the speed of your system by quickly work.

Moreover, you can easily connect your software with some other external devices easily. Like USB and other devices you can easily move or copy any folder by attaching them to your computer. It also provide its user to customize any setting, theme, colors or many other settings. This makes you to use easy about your needs. It also ensures you transfer and copy or move any data with securely without losing any data. Overall, it is best file management software.

Total Commander 11.10 Crack With Torrent Latest Version

Total Commander Crack is such an amazing software with its quick and smooth working. It is best and advanced solution to manage any large data on your computer. Just install all the setup and start managing your big data in very smart and easy way without consuming any extra time. The first main aspect of its working is it work on dual screen. It interface supports two screens that spilt on single screen.

You can easily transfer your media from one folder to another by using its two screen option. Users can open folders and its subfolders by using its amazing feature. The best one part of working is it gives you preview during the process so, you can see what inside in that file or folder. This feature is helpful when you are managing large amount of data.

Furthermore, it also support many archive folder like zip or other. So, you can easily make your zip file by using this software. It provides you a smart approach by its key shortcuts. The software work so fast and quickly and saves user time. For fastly work you can manage its settings according to your own so it make easy to you use of it. Overall, total commander crack gives you all feature free so you can work perfectly and smartly.   

How Total Commander Crack is best from others?

If we talk about the reason why Total Commander Crack is best from other because of its interface and fast and efficient working. Anyone can use it without taking any tutorial. This software helps its user who they are worrying about the management of their big data. It efficiently manage any large or any format media. The software is best because of dual screen feature.

By using its spilt screen feature you can easily see more than one folder at a time. It also provide preview during moving or coping any file or folder. So, you can easily see what inside it. It also make its users to attach any external device for the purpose of data sharing. It is best because it support archive formats.

Overall, the working is fast and quick that saves users time and make it best from others. It is the user’s best choice because it support many features and fast working mechanism. Anyone can handle their big data by using this advanced technology. We may also suggest you to visit PowerISO Crack

Key Features:

  • It helps you to manage and organize large media files.
  • The software has two panels that allow you to use or open two different folders at a time.
  • Simple drag and drop files option that makes transfer easy.
  • Users can set up any key for shortcut for their ease.
  • Various archive folders supports by the software.
  • Find any media quickly just by one click.
  • You can easily rename many files at same time.
  • Easily preview the media of two folders at the same time.
  • Use FTP protocol to transfer any file from one server to another.
  • By using separate tabs work with many folders at a same time.
  • Easily view the content of any file without opening it because of its preview feature.
  • Support multiple languages for globally used.
  • You can continue working on any file even the file is copy or moving in backgrounds.
  • Amazing and advanced tools and also provides beautiful theme colors.
  • Transfer files with external devices also by attaching them with your computer.
  • Works fastly, smartly and smoothly without slowing down the system.

What’s New?

  • Use FTP protocol for security purpose during file sharing between one servers to another.
  • Enhanced the quality of searching.
  • The bugs and issues are now fixed.
  • More accurate and fast from previous one.
  • Multiple language support for globally used.
  • New formats of archive supports by it.
  • Crack version comes with all latest features free of cost.


  • Manage large amount of data in easy way.
  • Gives you a dual interface with two screens.
  • Customize your setting for your ease.
  • Provide you advanced and latest tools and features.
  • Allow you to connect with some other external devices.


  • Sometimes can’t display the background colors for files.
  • Need more time to make your setting customize.
  • It sometimes make the process slow when you share it with some network.
  • Don’t provide you proper surety due to crack version.
  • Usually slow down the process when managing large media.

System Requirements:

  • Windows: All windows
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Hard Disk: 32 MB
  • No more specific requirements need.

How to install Total Commander Crack?

  • For the installation of crack version you need to off firewalls.
  • Make sure your device is connected with best internet connection.
  • Search Total Commander Crack on chrome.
  • Go on latest link and download and install setup.
  • After downloading install the software.
  • No it is ready to use and mange any media easily.

Total Commander 11.10 Crack + License Key Free Download


Total Commander Crack is a computer program that helps you to manage all the files in your computer storage by using its advanced features explore your media files such as for the purpose of finding copy, move from one folder to another or many other relative tasks. The software helps you to deal with large media in simple and easy way. It also provide its user a dual screen interface to make their work easier and safe work. Overall, the software supports many format and comes with all advanced and useful features.

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